18 February 2016

Take charge of treatment for your Asperger child

Take charge of treatment for your Asperger child offers you "the knowledge and tools to become an effective case manager for your child, this book provides straightforward, practical instructions to create a comprehensive guide to your child's unique ASD profile. The individualized guide will:

- Provide information about your child's unique profile for anyone who needs it
- Serve as a toolbox and teaching template for your child's teachers and support team, with effective strategies to use with him or her
- Be an instruction booklet for your child, helping him or her to thrive at home, school and in the community
- Act as a case management road map to help you support your child and collaborate with teachers and service providers.

The book includes checklists and worksheets, which can also be accessed online, so that you can easily create a personalized guide for your child with autism aged 5-14." -publisher

Want to check it out? Email us at cedir@indiana.edu or use worldcat.org to find it in a library near you.

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