23 September 2016

High-functioning autism and difficult moments

High-Functioning Autism and Difficult Moments is a 110-page guide to understanding and managing the meltdowns that sometimes occur when working with an individual on the autism spectrum. Written for parents, educators, and professionals, the book offers strategies to use when meltdowns occur to help reduce their frequency and severity and possibly begin to avoid them.

Understanding what is happening in the brain when a meltdown is triggered can go a long way toward mitigating them, so the book starts with neurological research and the brain. It covers the topics of self-regulation, sensory issues, reinforcement and more. It then goes on to analyze the cycle of meltdowns from the early stages to the last moments. A chapter on functional behavior assessment is included that discusses the iceberg metaphor and the underlying characteristics of autism. More than 40 pages of strategies are offered, and these are broken out into topical areas including instruction, interpretation, coaching, and obstacle removal.

Case studies, tables, and charts are used throughout the book to highlight specific ideas and there is a short summary at the end of each chapter that reiterates the message.

Want to check it out? Email us at cedir@indiana.edu or use worldcat.org to find it in a library near you.

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