22 September 2016

Teaching time-management to learners with autism spectrum disorder

Teaching time-management to learners with autism spectrum disorder offers 190 pages of strategies to teach time-management to those on the autism spectrum of any age. The authors, both professors at the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, point out that teaching time is not the same as teaching time management, and several skills are necessary in combination with each other to successfully manage your time. Time management, the authors say, is a concept that can be taught throughout the lifespan.

The book starts with an overview of time management including its definition and the skills needed to learn and then effectively use the concept. It goes on to describe how time management can be taught throughout the lifespan and covers the different dimensions of time management skills. The fourth chapter specifically highlights some of the characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum that can be challenges to understanding and learning time management, and the fifth chapter breaks down time management over the span of a day. Low-tech and high-technology strategies are offered as well as thoughts on monitoring progress. The book is full of charts, forms, and case studies, and offers learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter and application activities and discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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